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1986 on

Ann Flint & Associates

Consultancy management


Tenant Participation Advisory Service (TPAS)

Project Organiser


University of Strathclyde/ ASSIST Architects

Research Worker


Glasgow District Council Housing Department

Various including: Project Manager,
Senior Projects Officer, Environmental Revitalisation Officer, Directorate Liaison Officer







Ann Flint has experience across public, private, community and social sectors. A graduate in Town Planning, Ann has moved from local authority housing and work with voluntary organisations (Shelter and the Tenant Participation Advisory Service) to consultancy. Consultancy work has been wide ranging and includes, development, research and increasingly marketing, communications and large group consultation exercises.


Ann has worked with a number of community and voluntary organisations including after school care groups, the West Glasgow Local Exchange Trading Scheme, Friends of Glasgow West ( a local conservation organisation), the Scottish Tenement Group. At TPAS she worked considerably with tenants groups and tenant federations.


A number of varied posts within the local authority sector supplemented by a large variety of consultancy projects with housing associations and other bodies have given Ann a wide range of experience in housing management.


Ann has extensive experience in working in regeneration areas in a range of roles including housing officer, housing consultant, community involvement leader and tenant advisor. She has provided on-the-ground leadership for multi disciplinary teams including architects, landscape architects, health, crime and vandalism specialists, economic development and community development specialists and market research firms. She leads participatory appraisal and stakeholder workshop based consultation exercises in such areas.


Since writing “The Tenement Handbook”, Ann has been involved in many private housing initiatives from research around recent legislative changes through to advising owners in areas suffering from acute market failure and the preparation of leaflets and information packs for a variety of organisations.


Ann Flint has carried out a wide range of research projects. She has been involved in the structuring and analysis of many surveys including a consumer satisfaction survey of housing associations and a number of estate-based household surveys.

Mary Malcolmson

Mary Malcomson leads the community involvement team. She has extensive experience in community development work and has recently been consolidating her experience by studying part time for the BA in Community Development at Glasgow University.

Her first job in this field entailed working as a befriender for people with mental health problems, helping them to re-integrate into the community (1 year). She subsequently worked for 5 years with Drumchapel Opportunities, providing counselling and personal development support for local unemployed people, helping them to identify and take up employment opportunities. She was subsequently hall manager for 3 years at the Linkwood Tenants Hall, supporting group development and arranging a programme of activities.  She returned to employment development work for 4 years working with CSV Environment, co-ordinating New Deal environmental projects, setting up information sources and running the Outreach Team. During this time she also acted as trouble-shooter and was particularly successful in rescuing the Glasgow New Opportunities Millennium Awards Scheme where, with 3 months to go, 28 of the Award Winners had failed to complete their projects and a loss of funding was threatened. Mary succeeded in helping the 28 individuals to complete their projects within their communities by identifying the required resources and providing support.  She continued aspects of this work with Glasgow City Council’s Department of Regeneration monitoring New Deal Providers before moving to Impact Arts for 1 year where she ran the FabPad project which worked with homeless people aged 18-34 on an interior design based project which helped sustain those getting their first tenancy.  Since taking up her university course, she has completed a 9 months Community Development Officer placement with Scottish Association for Mental Health (SAMH) helping link people with mental health problems with the community. She set up and completed a participant evaluation for trainees for SAMH and worked for the Glasgow Homeless Network, helping them to develop participatory techniques for working with hostel dwellers.. She has now obtained her Certificate in Community Work.

Whilst working with Ann Flint and Associates she has carried out a number of participative surveys in both urban and rural areas, including making a major contribution to a project on involving homeless people in Angus .  She has led teams working on community regeneration projects in Dick’s Hill in Stranraer, Maryhill Multistorey flats( Glasgow), Glasgow West End Multis, Fernhill ( South Lanarkshire). She also undertook a very successful participatory survey of caravan dwellers in Ardfern, Argyll where there was considerable insecurity and a reluctance to become involved with “authority”. In a voluntary capacity, she has worked with the West Glasgow Local Exchange Trading Scheme, Gingerbread and Drumchapel Housing Co-op (as a committee member and as a member of the Tenant Participation Group). She has completed the CHEX training in Community Health Initiatives.

Mary is also our "Group Doctor"

Regular associates

Ann Flint & Associates works with regular associates who bring a wide range of skills such as architecture,planning, policy evaluation and financial skills. These include:

John Gilbert Architects Architecture and Urban Design
City Design Co-op Landscape Architecture and Urban Design
Towler & Hyslop Quantity Surveyors
Martin Hilland, Westport Consulting Regeneration
Doug Wheeler Associates Planning and Urban Regeneration
Peter Taylor Policy Evaluation and Community Regeneration
Euan Ramsay Housing Finance
Marjorie Cuthbert Housing Management and Tenant Participation

In addition, we field a team of trained community involvement staff .