Group Doctor

Do you have any of the following symptoms?


Time wasting meetings

Painful meetings

Suspect group’s mandate

Not being taken seriously

Activities that suit the committee not the community

Funders keep changing their minds and their personnel

Funds used for projects for which they were not intended

Unable to resource new activities

Connected to the past not the present

Need help to redefine goals

Need to deal with changing funding regimes

Tokenistic representation

Unable to understand challenges of governance and transparency

Funders rowing back from group involvement

Manager manages management committee.

Umbrella group threatening take over

Management committee won’t let manager manage.

Being used to legitimate others' actions and policies.

Gatekeepers who chase away younger people with fresh ideas

Unable to attract or retain new members

Our diagnostic technique


Why use the Group Doctor?

Mary Malcolmson has been a member of community and voluntary groups through all the funding regimes from Urban Aid to Community Planning. She knows their struggle to survive and establishes a position of mutual respect. Using peer to peer mentoring techniques, she will work with a group over time to establish long term positive change.

Mary’s mastery of the group dynamic is applicable to grass roots organisations and partnership bodies alike.

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